Max Crane & Equipment Hire (SA) Pty Ltd

MAX is a leading heavy lifting, transport and equipment hire services company operating throughout South Australia.

MAX is a leading heavy lifting, transport and equipment hire services company operating throughout South Australia and across the country, with the can-do capability for the safe, reliable and timely moving and positioning of equipment, machinery, buildings and materials in any situation.

MAX CRANES & MAX HEAVY LIFT are always on the lookout for ‘STANDOUT’ like-minded people to join our great business. We are a company that truly cares and are committed to the people that truly care and are committed to us!

We are a regionally based, country family business with 5 locations in the beautiful ‘Upper Spencer Gulf’ region of South Australia. With 1 business operating in the big smoke of Adelaide and our oil & gas operation in the Cooper Basin oil & gas fields – with Moomba being our only FIFO gig.

Our locations offer some of the most affordable lifestyle choices with a low cost of living, great fishing & crabbing, camping and recreation in the nearby Flinders Ranges, every sort of sport known to man with great schools, no traffic issues and a fantastic climate if you like it warm.

In almost all cases, our best people live where we work and our company values are;

  • Teamwork
  • Attitude
  • Safety
  • Respect
  • Integrity

Roles & Career opportunities are:

  • Crane Crew 15 – 1200 tonne
  • Operators, Dogman & Riggers
  • Heavy Lift & Renewables
  • Transport – HR – Road Train & Heavy Haulage
  • Supervision & Management
  • Safety & Compliance
  • Mechanical Support, Diesel, Electrical & Hydraulic
  • Workzone Traffic Management


  1. Not Negotiable – People that respect and practice our Company Values
  2. Skilled & committed people willing to consider relocating for a great job & lifestyle
  3. Committed people either in the area or willing to relocate and be up skilled, trained and are keen to grab a great opportunity


  1. Full time employment
  2. A safe, enjoyable and very well rewarded career
  3. Relocation Assistance
  4. A very affordable lifestyle which includes great communities, fishing, crabbing, camping and recreation
  5. An opportunity to grow yourself and your family AND BE PART OF A GREAT COMPANY


Superstars or people with all the tickets & expectations, with little or no experience or exposure to general crane hire & serious heavy lift. We would rather train and up-skill good hard working and committed people. So if you are only in our Industry for money and nothing else, save your energy.

E.g. – If you have a CO with RA, have worked briefly on a wind farm project, walked past or sat in the seat of an LG 1750 for 10 minutes and claim to be an experienced operator save yourself the time and don’t apply.

If you have a CN, C6 etc and / or a riggers ticket have worked on a wind farm walked past or sat in the seat of an LG1750, would like to further yourself, be willing to relocate, be up skilled and trained according to your capabilities, be part of a great business with great Values and one day drive or crew on an LG or a pick & carry machine, a 350 tonne crawler or the biggest mobile crane in Australia (our LTM 11200) then by all means contact us.


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